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Since the Lycée international Balzac’s inception in 1998, the goal has always been to focus on the human aspect, as well as developing the student’s artistic, scientific, and personal skills through culture learning, all while learning them four languages (French, Arabic, English, and Spanish). The student’s journey then ends with him receiving a French baccalaureate certificate.

It has now been a decade since the entirety of the lycée was officially approved by the French National Education.

The teaching personnel has been trained in collaboration with the MLF (French Secular Mission), and we have been working under their umbrella for 15 years, as we believe that the teacher is the base of the learning process. Furthermore, we also believe that developing human resources is the most important investment and the cornerstone for our institution’s success and reputation.

Moreover, the school has been intent on providing a theatre, a well-equipped lab, sport fields, pools, and green spaces, as well as revamping the bus system in order to provide our children with an educational, athletic, and healthy environment to guarantee them a bright future.

The school will continue its efforts and investments in the future to meet your expectations and gain your valuable trust.