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Mr. Loïc PARIS

Primary School Director
At the Lycée International Balzac

After many years as a director in France, then in Congo and Russia where I was also in charge of French schools, I am happy to work again with families that have chosen the French language and culture for their children’s education.

Lycée international Balzac’s Primary school is first and foremost the school of academic success: with pleasant and well-equipped facilities, as well as quality equipment and qualified personnel, everything is present for the academic success of our students.

Like all institutions within the French educational network, the MLF (French Secular Mission), your children will find in our school the same curricula and methods as in France. This means the education is compliant with the French National Education curricula that defines the two first levels of the “socle commun de connaissance et de compétences” (the common skills and knowledge all students must acquire in order to pass from one level to the other).

These curricula are supported by a rich and multilingual educational policy. Nine Arabic teachers and four English teachers oversee the thorough teaching of languages.

Primary school at the Lycée international Balzac offers an education full of values and experience, to allow our students to become active and responsible citizens of the world, respectful of their planet and of others. Sustainable development and “cohabitation” are the two central themes that will be focused on in all primary classes.

Primary school at the Lycée international Balzac offers an education that is on one hand demanding and on the other hand caring, where each student is personally supported with the help of our school’s health department and our school psychologist. As an inclusive institution, our school allows us to support all students, depending on each one’s needs. Two teachers in “Français langue de scolarisation” are in charge of helping student who face some difficulties in French, the school’s language, through an in-depth and individualised program.

Primary school at the Lycée international Balzac is an institution of the MLF, open to the world. Our students belong to a unique worldwide network, through which they can meet other French-speaking students during class projects, exchanges, or school trips.