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The headmaster

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M. Philippe BIDET

The headmaster
At the Lycée International Balzac

Historian through studies, teacher by passion for more than 20 years, and now headmaster because of my ambition to serve the French educational system. My career path and values reflect my will to share with the youth the strength of knowledge, of interpersonal skills and know-hows, the importance to provide them with a better understanding of the world around them, and the perspective of a collective and personal fulfilment.

These goals are also those shared by the Lycée International Balzac, which I have had the honour and pleasure of directing since 2020.
– What we ask from our students: corresponds to the French educational system’s expectation
– Listening: providing everyone, be it student or personnel, with an environment characterized by well-being and support
– Fulfilment: success at school starts with shaping a free individual, conscious of tomorrow’s issues whereby today’s students will be tomorrow actors and leaders

Meeting these goals entails:
– An active intercultural dialogue
– Building a collaborative educational model with families
– Creative educational models
– A linguistic, scientific, digital, and cultural openness

The lycée Balzac, with its 1800 students from nursery school to grade 12, is one the important and successful institutions in Egypt.

Partners of the MLF (French Secular Mission) network, we rally behind the slogan “2 cultures, 3 languages”.

The Lycée International Balzac strives, before anything else, to be a human and humanistic institution.

It is a great honour for me, daily, to support students towards success.