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kindergarten School

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Ms. Françoise DEVAULT

Director of Nursery School
At the Lycée International Balzac

After 30 years of teaching, of which 16 as a director/teacher in France, I was in office in Gabon as the director of a primary school.
Now, here I am in Egypt, country of architectural wonders, to help build the future of your child.
The educational programs at the Lycée international Balzac are French programs, taught by teachers that speak French.
The teacher’s assistants who help the class teacher also speak French.
The students are thus totally immersed in this language which allows for a better grasp and assimilation.

Nursery school is the place where the child develops a tool vital to any communication: language. The school’s main goal is to encourage children to go to school to learn, develop and assert their personalities.

Nursery school’s programs are divided into five learning categories:
• Using all the language’s skillset
• Acting, expression of oneself and understanding through physical activity
• Acting, expression of oneself and understanding through artistic activity
• Crafting the first tools to structure the child’s mind
• Explore the world

Various tools are implemented by the school to achieve the previous goals.
Several complementary teachers in
1. Sports
2. The nursery school’s library
3. Arts
4. In French as a foreign language (FLE)

Dedicated Facilities that allow for a diverse range of activity:
1. A dedicated facility for arts
2. A dedicated facility for the nursery school’s library
3. Sports hall, sport field, pool, etc.

The reduced numbers and all these installations allow for work in small groups, which helps communication and customisation of the teaching process for each child.

The diverse range of activities offered,
The various school trips,
The multi-grade learning projects,
The activities organised inside the school premise and with other schools,
All of the above make the Lycée Balzac a school where is it nice to grow up and learn.